Box Office Policies

Box Office Policy


All tickets must be scanned and checked in at least 15 minutes before the start time of an event.

Empty seats at the time of the performance will be made available to those waiting to purchase tickets.

There is no guarantee that a latecomer will have his or her seat available, even if he or she already has a ticket unless the Box Office is notified at (818) 970-0053.

Why? Because the Center for Community and the Arts Theater seats approximately 360 people while the Burrows/Sellon black box theatre approximately 7.  We want to be sure that the theater is full for each performance. Additionally, we do not want to turn away patrons who want to see the show but do not yet have tickets.  Therefore, if you arrive late, your seats may be made available to patrons on a wait list.

We recommend that you allow ample time for parking and arrival at the theater.

Regardless of age, everyone must have a BARCODED TICKET, and be able to sit in a seat quietly throughout the entire performance.


We do not issue refunds for returned tickets. However, you may turn in your tickets thereby donating their value. Refunds are not made for not attending an event.

All sales are final, no exchanges or cancellations.

Please contact the or call (818) 970-0053 at least 24 hours before a performance if you have extra tickets you will not be using.

Please turn in any unused tickets to the Box Office Manager before a performance begins so the tickets can be made available to the wait list.

Any unused tickets given to the Box Office Manager on the day of a performance are considered a donation and the purchase amount will not be refunded.


Latecomers will be seated completely at the discretion of the House Manager at the first appropriate break that allows for the least disruption for the actors and audience.

Please keep in mind only a limited number of latecomers can be accommodated.

Please notify the Box Office at 818-970-0053 if you know you will be late to a performance so the House Manager can be prepared.


If a performance is sold out, please email or call (818) 970-0053 to be put on the waitlist. If you have been placed on a wait list, please arrive at least 20 minutes before the start time of a performance to check in with the Box Office Manager.

You are encouraged to put your name on a wait list, EVEN IF YOU BELIEVE A PERFORMANCE IS SOLD OUT. We rarely turn away patrons from our performance and will make every effort to get you a seat.


No photos or recordings may be taken inside the theatre


The Buckley School would be happy to provide early access to the theatre prior to performances for anyone requiring mobility assistance.

Patrons requiring special seating consideration due to a medical condition should contact to make advance arrangements

For ticket information email us or call 818-970-0053